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Herbal Inch Loss Wrap

Herbal Inch Loss Wraps utilize several botanical extracts such as green tea, crocus flower, papaya, grape, chickweed and parsley in combination with the potent anti-aging properties of brown seaweed to provide our clients with healthy, silky smooth, toned and firmed skin. Clients will easily lose several inches with just one Body Wrap!

Imagine your clients being able to lose 7, 8 or 9 inches right off the bat! This wrap in conjunction with the other treatments will provide your clients with the opportunity to have long-lasting dimension loss and smooth skin texture.

Wraps can be used as a separate menu item that is great as a series in itself or for that quick body-contouring needed for a wedding-day, class reunion or other special event! The protocol is easy. The wrap comes to you concentrated in a one gallon container. You then dilute 1/3 of the concentrate in a separate gallon container with filtered water. Each gallon of solution will provide you with approximately 15 Wraps.


Tone & Firm Wrap

This is the classic seawater-spa treatment for dry, undernourished skin that lacks tone. A full body seaweed wrap infuses the epidermis with vital mineral salts and alginates to restore moisture and elasticity, while firming and toning spongy, dehydrated skin. The treatment has remarkable smoothing and softening effects on the skin. (Very dry skins may wish to precede this wrap with an exfoliation treatment.)

The corrective benefits of this treatment are rehydration and remineralization of the epidermis. The seaweed offers the benefits of firming and smoothing by rehydrating tissues of the skin that lack proper moisture-retaining mineral salts. We can plump and firm sagging areas, reducing the “orange peel” texture of collapsed connective tissue.