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Consulting & Branding

On-Site Consulting

So many times service providers are so distracted with protocols, schedules, ordering inventory etc. that it becomes very difficult to calculate hourly productivity rates, write out business plans and think about expansions. That is where our team of consultants specialize. We can come in and help analyze your business. Whether you are a start-up company or if you have been in business for years, we can help you. Programs are available upon consultation based on your current needs. Services include but are not limited to the following:


Theming & Branding

The theme of a spa means everything to the story that it tells. Is your spa relaxing? Do you offer services that are results oriented? Do you want to be known for your wellness or holistic approaches to treatment? All of these things are vital to your position in the market.

Our team can come in and help you assess exactly what your mission is and then help you to convey that mission through your name, treatments and marketing. Every new service or retail item you introduce must be in alignment with this philosophy. Some business owners are in business for years and nobody ever really knows “exactly what they do over there”. Clear and concise marketing is the key to success in our industry.

Once your theme and mission are clear we will begin branding you in the community. Everything from uniforms, business cards, websites all the way to any promotional events must align with these two items. Our job is to help you become your best!

We can develop your Logo, Website and any Print Materials needed for your brand.